We seek stocks of well-established companies with strong earnings potential and an opportunity for dividend growth. Purchased at a reasonable price, we believe they may provide superior returns over the long term.

Stock Selection

When we select stocks for your portfolio, we:

  • Focus on high-quality global companies with durable competitive advantages, whose business models and capital allocation process we understand.
  • Analyze individual stocks on a fundamental basis, and assess growth potential within broad secular themes.
  • Favor companies with strong earnings potential, above-average dividend yields, attractive valuation, robust cash flow, and/or opportunity for dividend growth.

Portfolio Construction


Our core equity portfolios take prudent risk relative to your goals and individual tolerance for volatility. A typical equity portfolio holds 25-30 stocks and will have the following characteristics:

  • Steady earnings growth
  • Strong cash flow and/or dividend growth
  • Established global companies
  • Out-of-favor stocks and/or sectors
  • Income stocks

We also make tactical investments in small- and mid-cap companies, as well as established emerging market stocks.

Self Discipline

We constantly monitor your core equity holdings, looking for “stock warning signs,” like senior management changes, sharp price moves, and significant earnings restatements. If a holding is no longer attractive, we will reallocate assets to a more promising position.