Newsletter Q4 2017

In keeping with the turn of the year and renewed resolve, we would like to begin 2018 by encouraging all of our clients to make their health a top priority starting now. It may be unusual for this advice to be coming from your financial people, but time and again we see how important a basic fitness regimen and sensible diet can be for our clients.

Whether you are a 32 year-old trying to squeeze in some cardio and a healthy lunch between career and family demands, or a 75 year old trying to stay safe and independent by keeping limber with some stretches, yoga, or walking 9 holes of golf, it all helps. As a society, we are living longer than ever, and though nothing is guaranteed, it’s worth acting accordingly, with expectations for longevity. In short, prepare your body for the long haul.

Why not try to get the most quality out of life that you can in the short and long term? In addition to feeling good, you may also experience a great savings financially by avoiding chronic diseases, obesity, and unplanned early retirement due to illness, not to mention minimizing prescription, medical and healthcare costs over decades. For those still in the workforce, check with your human resources department to see if your medical insurance plan qualifies as a high deductible plan allowing you to open a health savings account (“HSA”). An HSA has many benefits that we would be happy to discuss with you. Health is often an overlooked investment that each of us can make daily to benefit ourselves, our loved ones, and society as a whole.