Newsletter Q4 2021

Try not to stress about news, politics, and issues we can’t control. Instead, focus on what you can do. Read. Nap. Spend time with family. Watch a good show. Go for a walk or get some sunlight on your skin.

Ok we will get back to the financial advice:

  • Expect market volatility with lower returns.
  • Spend less in economic downturns.
  • Spend more but also save more during the good times.
  • Consider part time work if you are retiring early or plan to do so.
  • Engage with us on making sure your financial plan is as accurate as can be.
  • Think and talk with us about how much risk you are comfortable taking with your investments; we have tools to model various scenarios for you.
  • Believe in the process of investing; when you feel yourself faltering, compare your long-term investment returns to your bank accounts.