Newsletter Q1 2019

Overall, Shorepoint is constructive on the current investment landscape. Low interest rates, solid corporate margins, significant corporate cash returned to shareholders (dividends and buybacks), low inflation and steady economic growth have driven strong equity returns since the Great Recession. Valuations as measured by price/earnings multiples are in line with historical averages and are not excessive. We continue to invest in a variety of investments across asset classes that potentially offer sound long-term, if not spectacular, returns to patient investors.

As contrarians, we have added and continue to add to international, developed market equities and emerging market equities/bonds, which we feel are still undervalued even with the 2019 rebound. We are employing a “buy the dips” approach by adding to high-quality, attractively-valued companies that have robust cash flow, strong earnings growth prospects and solid balance sheets. We are investing more in the underperforming healthcare sector which has been in the cross hairs of politicians and allocating to selective special situations that offer favorable risk-adjusted return potential. Individual stock price volatility enables us to perform tax harvesting in companies that are temporarily depressed but that we feel are excellent long-term investments such as CVS Health and Kraft Heinz.

The bond side of our portfolios has rebounded strongly with the Fed moving to the sidelines on further interest rate increases in the near-term. The Fed’s policy change has allowed us to reinvest some of our client’s money market balances into higher-yielding bonds. Overall, our clients continue to benefit from our diversified approach to producing income by investing in Emerging Market Bonds, Floating Rate Loans, REITs, Preferred Stocks, etc. instead of investing just in U.S. treasuries.

Shorepoint’s core philosophy is to manage diversified portfolios of quality, reasonably-valued assets based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance. This has been and will continue to be a successful investment strategy over the long-term. We seek to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and generate attractive long-term returns to help our clients reach their financial goals. As always, we are available to discuss your concerns and answer your questions.