Newsletter Q2 2019

In this moment, we are witnessing an incredibly long run of prosperity in the U.S.. Certainly one could argue that it is not as shared as it had been in past economic expansions. And it is also aided and abetted by massive government debt (not more than most other nations though) and an accommodative, if not loose, Fed printing money whenever nudged. Companies continue to grow earnings, pay low taxes, return cash to shareholders (dividends and buybacks), and provide shareholders competitive returns. Unemployment remains the lowest it has been in decades and inflation is muted. Household net worths are growing, and consumers have reasonable debt levels given their income.

Shorepoint’s core philosophy is to manage diversified portfolios of quality, reasonably valued assets based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance. This has and will continue to be a successful investment strategy over the long-term. We seek to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and generate attractive long-term returns to help our clients reach their financial goals. As always, we are available to discuss your concerns and answer your questions.